Community Day Camp

Weeks Available Starting June 28 and going through August 9, 2020
For communities looking to put on a VBS program
Cost: $1,300-$2,000 (more details below)

About Community Day Camp:

Twinlow is back for another summer of Community Day Camp! Twinlow partners with local congregations to run a Vacation Bible School (VBS) style Day Camp in communities across the Northwest. Partnering with Twinlow will ease the stress and hassle of planning and leading VBS. We pack 3-5 trained and eager camp counselors, crafts, nature awareness supplies, music, puppets, games, and curriculum into our camp van and bring the Twinlow experience to children in your town. Pick your package and send in our reservation form plus the $400 deposit to officially secure your spot on our calendar!


Community Youth Night Camp
We have partnered with a few communities for the past few summers to offer night programing for the 6th-12th graders and it has been very successful. This summer we decided to officially offer Youth Night Camp as a part of your Community Day Camp experience. This means that in the morning our staff will lead 1st-5th graders through Day Camp and then after a couple hours of break they will be back to lead the youth group in evening programing! Please check out the Congregational Coordinator Guide for more information about what we can offer for Youth Night Camp.

Congregation’s Responsibility:

One of the best aspects of this program is the relationship created between members of the congregation and our staff. We ask the congregation to:

  • Provide host-families for our staff during their week of ministry.
  • Provide extra help in the form of “shepherds” for traveling with campers from one activity to the next.
  • Providing age appropriate volunteers staff run the best Day Camp possible.

Benefits of Partnering with Twinlow for your Day Camp:

  • Simplicity– Twinlow writes the curriculum which includes 5 days of bible time, nature awareness, crafts, games, songs, and puppet shows. We also provide 3-5 well trained camp counselors and all of the supplies.
  • Partnership– Even before you commit to partnering with Twinlow our Day Camp Coordinator is available year round to work out the details of running Community Day Camp. We are flexible and understand that every community is different so every Day Camp experience will be different. We provide marketing materials and ideas for volunteer recruitment and community involvement.
  • Ministry– Twinlow wants to partner with your community to help make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. Our staff are prepared to be the hands and feet of Christ in your community for a week of ministry. All of our staff receive two weeks of training in camp ministry before they are sent to your community. We want Day Camp to bless your community.

Community Day Camp Costs:

Churches outside the PNWUMC Inland District are asked to help with additional transportation cost which is based on round trip mileage.

  • Package A: $1,300
    Suggested for Day Camps of 25 or less campers. Includes 3 trained staff and program supplies.
  • Package B: $1,650
    Suggested for Day Camps of 25-50 campers. Includes 4 trained staff and program supplies.
  • Package C: $2,000
    Suggested for Day Camps of 50 or more campers. Includes 5 trained staff and program supplies.