Kathryn Cronin

Program Director & Registrar 
Camp Name: Scream

My name is Scream and I am your program director and registrar!  Fun facts about Scream: I grew up in Mexico, majored in English at Western Washington University, and had never been to camp until I started working at Twinlow in 2015. I started out as Twinlow's Idaho Mission Project Coordinator and worked my way into the Program Director position once Kristen Moon (Moonie) took over as the Director.

When I'm not working, I am listening to a podcast, giving my cat Lumi head scratches, or connecting with my favorite people. Like any good camp person, I love the outdoors and finding new ways to play outside. I always want to be on the lake and summer is my favorite season.

Email: kathryn@twinlowcamp.org

Phone: (208) 352.2671