Kathryn Cronin

Program Director & Registrar 
Camp Name: Scream

I am a PNW native, and have spent most of my life on the west coast of Washington. However, I will always have a huge spot in my heart for Mexico, where my family spent my childhood years in Oaxaca as missionaries to the Mixteco indigenous population. I attended college at Western Washington University, and after I graduated I had plans to travel to Mexico as an English teacher. I had never been to camp, so it wasn't something I ever imagined doing. Needless to say, God had other plans for me.

I first came to Twinlow in the summer of 2015 at the suggestion of my best friend. I found a home and a community instead of just a job. When Tyler and Kristen offered to hire me as the Idaho Mission Project Coordinator in 2016, I said yes. When they asked me to come on full time, I said yes then too. It has been an honor to continue to say yes to what God is doing in my life through this camp. Now, going into my fifth summer after nearly three years at Twinlow, I am excited to step into my new role as the Program Director and continue my growth here.

When I'm not working I am reading a book, listening to a podcast, giving my cat Lumi head scratches, or connecting with my favorite people. Like any good camp person, I love the outdoors and finding new ways to play outside. I always want to be on the lake and summer is absolutely my favorite season.

Email: kathryn@twinlowcamp.org

Phone: (208) 352.2671