Twinlow: Never Dull, Always Fulfilling…

Compiled by Kristen "Moonie" Moon: Assistant Director of Twinlow Camp,

Best Summer Job? Here from those who have spent a summer as staff at a camp.  

“I chose camp ministry for 3 reasons, 1) the "unquantifiables": the life lessons you learn and relationships you build while doing camp ministry are one of a kind. Thanks to this, I have friends with which I can just "pick up where I left off" even if we haven't seen or spoken to each other in a long time. 2) the role you get to play in a youth's life: in most jobs, meaningful contacts are few and sporadic, there's something special about having to hang around a group of people 24/7 for a week, you get to see a whole different world! and 3) The challenge: where else are you called to make a life-changing experience for a group of kids you just met in the space of less than a week? not to mention all the other stuff that's gotta get done!”

-Jacob “JOAT” Pederson


“It challenges you in a good way. In a self-improving way”

-Josh “Ice Man” Zanoni


“I got to share my faith with the campers and staff, got to be in Gods creation every day, made some life long friends, and the fun of it all wrapped together. Oh and got to work with my future husband!”

-Carrie Bland


“It allowed me to be fully myself, while giving me the opportunity to support campers in learning who they were as an individual! Plus, camp people are the best to be around.”

-Erin “Nimbus” Seibert


“It helped me to be my best self, to make a real impact, to grow as a leader and person of faith, and it's a ton of fun… Also, taco bar.”

-Nico “Hobbes” Romeijn-Stout


“Definitely the chance to be fully (weird) me, along with tons of fun, incredible friends, watching youth become themselves, and one of the safest places in the world to be. And, as Nico said, taco bar.”

-Ted “Sproket” Brosius


“Camp was always where I felt closest to God and going back as an adult helped me to get back in touch with my faith through the connections I made with campers who loved God.”

-Allyson Hoffman


“It allowed me to show kids what being a kid truly is! I loved giving kids an outlet where they could scream just because it's fun, or get super dirty because we had a beautiful lake to jump in. It also took away distractions of technology and life to help immerse each other in Gods love!”

-Lacy “Texas” Rae


“You get to play outside and talk about Jesus!”

-Tyler Wagner


“It gave me the confidence to be whoever I want to be!”

-Eleanor Gibson


It is for these reason and at least 1,000 others that YOU should consider a summer working, volunteering, or sending your child to camp.

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