Twinlow: How Pinteresting


By Kristen “Moonie” Moon: Twinlow Assistant Director of Programs and Retreats, 

For those of you who maybe aren’t the craftiest, you might not have heard of Pinterest. Or you have and you see it as a “girly” website for brides and craft enthusiasts. However, Pinterest is a great website for all genders and for all who want to organize ideas in a fun and interactive way. Pinterest is a website where one collects ideas and “pins” them to various “boards”. The purpose is to have a way to organize and share ideas on just about anything.



Here is the front page of Twinlow’s profile. Front and center you can see our “featured boards,” this is only available to business or organization Pinterest accounts. Under it we have all of our boards filled with ideas. On the bottom left corner you will see two circles, those are other Pinterest users. They are there because they have shared Pins with Twinlow or vice versa (think of it like Facebook messenger).

Now that you have an introduction to my favorite website let me share a little about how Twinlow uses Pinterest, how you can use it at home, and some of our favorite boards.





One of our favorite and most popular boards in the “Weddings at Twinlow” board. This features pictures from weddings that we have hosted. It is great for brides to get an idea of what they can do with our space.



The craft cabin board is maybe our most fun board. It is where we keep ideas for creating in the craft cabin during the summer. If you have craft ideas feel free to share them with us. We love adding to our craft cabin board. Campers, if you see something on the craft cabin board you would like to do this summer, let us know.


Finally we have the gardening ideas board. Here at Twinlow we take care of a small group of garden boxes. This board helps us prepare for those gardens and grow tasty food. Need some inspiration for your garden at home? Then visit our gardening ideas board today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour through Pinterest. It is really one of the key components to how Twinlow runs. We are always looking for new ideas and love sharing what we have found. We would love to connect with you and keep the “pinsperation” going!

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